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My friend Sayaka's Indy Lights homepage. You can find something on British drivers like Peter, Guy Smith, and Jonny Kane too. There's a lot of Indy Lights photo, too.

It's Ichita Kubonoya's race-photography site. It's a Japanese page but please try to find Peter's brilliant photo.

Japanese ex-F3000, Formula Nippon official site. English/Japanese Page.

Site name had changed to - and it's as excellent as ever! Dedicated to sportscar racingand you can find everything on GT and sportscar racing here.

Mike's SPEEDSPORT Magazine
Excellent motorsport page, especially in F3000 series.

10 Tenths Motorsport
Your one stop guide to motorsport in Britain. Visit their site where you will find all the latest news and gossip as well as a fully fledged discussion forum and an extensive database of links!

Tom Coronel Official Site
Peter's FNippon colleague, Dutch Tommy Coronel's official site. It's filled with tons of latest information of Tommy, and some nice photos! Dutch and English site.

This growing link page is always looking for new links. If you could recommend some good ones, don't hesitate to tell your favourites to them!

Justin Wilson
This is a page of International F3000 team Astromega driver Justin Wilson, who is ex-teammate of Peter.

Michael Krumm Supporter's Web Site "Run & Attack!"
TOMO, a big fan of FNippon racer Michael Krumm made this page and now English page has come! Very cool page. - Japanese/English.

Sabulin's excellent site! He's a racing driver, very good web-designer, and so on! And now, he prepares to open a racing site. Stay tune!! English/Japanese.

World-famous British motorsport magazine, Autosport's site! Updates everyday or even at every laps:-)

The Dumbreck Family Website
It's about the Dumbreck clan - If you're interested in Peter and his background including historical one, this page might be very interesting.

Hunaudieres Homepage
It's a kind of a library of Formula Nippon photography. You can find huge amount of racing photo... of course, there are Peter's photo, too. I'm sure you can find your favourites at this site.

Rie, a big fan of Briton Ralph Firman who won the final round of 1999 Formula Nippon series,made this site. English/Japanese.

Mark Webber Supporter Page
Peter's ex-colleague Australian young driver Mark Webber, who recently decided to drive with European F3000 team's supporters' site. A lot of good photo!

Unofficial F3000 Information
Very nice F3000 site. you can find good information about the series.

Spanish Rally driver Josep Fornell's site. He's looking for some good sponsers - so if you're interested in that business, please help him after Peter ;-)

24 Hours of Le Mans Results
Swede Stefan Oernerdal's Le Mans' result page. You can see all of the stats of the first race of Le Mans till the latest one which Peter attened.

Mercedes Motorsport
It's world-famous car constructor Mercedes - DaimlerChrysler's motorsport activity's site. Of course, you can find "official" stories of Le Mans' and DTM2000.

Motor Race Time
This is an excellent page for German motorsports scene.

It's very good link page in American motorsports scene.

Team Leyjun
Team Leyjun, most friendly Formula Nippon Team (now thet only race in Japanese GT championship) which was driven by Peter in 1999. His ex-teammates OSAMU and Shibahara are still there! Support them too!

Darren Turner
This is Peter's Merc teammate Darren Turner's official site. You can read good reports (after Peter's official site) here too.

You can get free access counters, guestbook, and so on from here.

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Peter's ex-teammate, handsome ;-) German Marcel Tiemann's official site.
DTM.DE is DTM's official site. You can get your tickets from here. Also, there is some events for fan, too - for example, live-chat with your fave driver! It's a must site for you.
It's German motor sport site. They have very good information, and photo gallery. Their onlne-live of DTM race is very good! If you're interested in not only DTM but also DTC, STW, and so on, it should be your favourite.

Robert Lechner
Ex-Team TOM'S F3 driver Robert Lechner who races German F3 again this year. Go for it, Robert!! (English/German and some Japanese) Now he won his first race in V8STAR and he'll race the rest of the series.

Gottfried Grasser
Young handsome;-) Austrian F3 driver Gottfried's official page. (only in German)

Maurizio Mediani
Italian F3-master Mauri's official site. (English/Italian) He'll race Rusian F3 again and I hope he'll be the champion this year.

Witty's Homepage
Witty's great page of motorsport on her favourite drivers Paul Warwick, his F1 driver brother Derek, Kelvin Burt, rally-legend Henri Toivonen and dart star John Part. Enjoy!

German motorsports journalist Rene's page. His speciality is DTM, and those touring cars. He and his co. will race in Nurburgring 24 hrs endurance - go for it!!

Scottish Racing Drivers
If you're interested in some Scottish superb drivers, it's a must!

My friend Mikko's French driver Benoit Treluyer fan site. Japanese and English.
Andy's Russian racing team Lukoil supporter's site. Only in Russian but it's nice. You can get Russian F3 information - use online translator!

Jeremie Dufour Fan Site
French JGTC driver Jeremie Dufour's fan site. Japanese and English.

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