Introducing expected DTM drivers line-up and my comments/impressions on them.

D2 AMG Mercedes
Bernd Schneider, Peter Dumbreck
Peter moved to D2 AMG, which won the championship with Bernd Schneider last year so it means he may be a winner, even a champion!! Maybe D2 AMG is a kind of "Team Bernd Schneider" but I guess Peter would win over titel-favourite Bernd, and then he would catch a lot of people's eyes for that! Go for it, Peter!!
P.S. I wish upon Mr. Norbert Haug - please give Peter F1 drive after the victory! (Yes, I believe Peter will win soon!)

Warsteiner AMG Mercedes
Uwe Alzen, Marcel Fassler
Ex-Opel driver Uwe Alzen, who sacked the team because of crash to "Opel's favourite" Manuel Reuter and young handsome (!!) Swiss driver Marcel Fassler's team. I'm sure Marcel wants to win a race because he's not satisfyed in a point-finish anymore. But, Marcel, give Peter a way first!! And Alzen may want a victory as well as Marcel - he should show how he can do well to Opel which he was dumped, and he knows both Opel and Merc. I think these two drivers might be the team to beat! (Well, Bernd Schneider might be the toughest for Peter...)

Eschmann AMG Mercedes
Patrick Huisman, Bernd Maylander
Eschmann AMG is the new-comer for 2001. Tall (193cm!) Dutch Patrick Huisman and F1 safety car driver Bernd Maylander is quite experienced - Huisman is 4 year consective Porsche Cup champion and Maylaender is ex-Merc FIA-GT driver. They might be inexperienced in new DTM series but I expect they must be a front runner.

Persson Mercedes
Thomas Jager, Christijan Albers?
Thomas Jager, who drove AMG Mercedes last year and Christijan Albers, who is a test driver of Minardi. Christijan Albers was rumoured that he would drive last year too. I can't deny my impression that Persson is much priveteer atmosphere than AMG but I'm sure Persson is nice as them. Hope they will do well!

Rosberg Mercedes
Pedro Lamy, Darren Turner
Unfortunately they were the "worst" team of Mercedes last year but what will they do this year? I think it's make-or-break year for them. It's the only Mercedes team that drivers' line-up hadn't changed so it would be an advantage because the team knows the drivers' taste on the settings, etc. Team Rosberg has some teams in Formula 3 and other junior formulae but DTM is one of the most popular touring car championship in the world, so doing well in DTM is the priority for the team, I think... Well, Keke has a son and for him he had to concentrate in the junior formulae... ;-) The drivers, Portguese Pedro Lamy is ex-F1 driver and Briton Darren Turner is current some-time McLaren test driver.

Opel Team Holzer
Joachim Winkelhock, Timo Scheider, Steffen Schulz

Opel Team Phoenix
Manuel Reuter, tbc

Opel Euroteam
Alain Menu, Hubert Haupt

Mamerow Racing Team
Peter Mamerow

Abt Sportsline Audi
Laurent Aiello, Christian Abt, Mattias Ekstrom, Martin Tomczyk

And the time of Hockenheim testing on 20/3/2001 :
1.) Schneider (CLK 2001), 2.07,988 Min.
2.) Fassler (CLK 2001), 2.08,118
3.) Lamy (CLK 2000), 2.08,631
4.) Scheider (Astra 2000), 2.08,655
5.) Reuter (Astra 2001), 2.08,655
6.) Huisman (CLK 2001), 2.09,618
7.) Jager (CLK 2000), 2.09,995
8.) Winkelhock (Astra 2001), 2.11,126
9.) Schulz (Astra 2000), 2.12,047
10.) Abt (TT-R interim), 2.14,189
11.) Mamerow (Astra 2000), 2.17,031

And 21/3/2001.
1. Fassler, Mercedes CLK L01, 2.24,078 Min.
2. Winkelhock, Opel Astra V8 Coupe L01, 2.24,196 Min.
3. Turner, Mercedes CLK L00, 2.24,557 Min.
4. Dumbreck, Mercedes CLK L01, 2.25,062 Min.
5. Albers, Mercedes CLK, 2.25,729 Min.
6. Maylander, Mercedes CLK L01, 2.26,184 Min.
7. Ekstrom, Audi TT-R L00+, 2.29,416 Min.
8. Abt, Audi TT-R L00+, 2.31,199 Min.
9. Schulz, Opel Astra V8 Coupe L00, 2.32.141 Min.
10. Menu, Opel Astra V8 Coupe L00, 2.35,561 Min.

All times are unofficial.
(source :

Mercedes and Abt-Audi had 3 days test in Vallelunga, Italy from 6 to 8 March. Mercedes had 3 new 2001 cars and 3 teams (D2-AMG/Warsteiner-AMG/Manthey) had one each. D2 car is shared by Peter Dumbreck and champion Bernd Schneider, Warsteiner is shared by Faessler/Alzen, and Manthey is shared by Maylaender/Huisman.

Peter's comment : "It was good to get back behind the wheel again. I did a lot of laps in the new car, which isn't massively different from last year. We used the new Dunlop tyres, which were worth about eight-tenths and made the front-end more positive. To be honest, I always prefer to race than testing, but I learnt a lot this week and really enjoyed it."

They goes to Mallorca this weekend to have another training camp.

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