Long time no see, sorry! Finally the Mercedes drivers were fixed...King Bernd Schneider, Uwe Alzen and Marcel Faessler stay AMG/HWA and Formula 1 refugee Jean Alesi joins there. Another frivers are, our Peter Dumbreck and F1 safety car driver Bernd Maylaender, Patrick Huisman, Christijan Albers, Thomas Jaeger and German Formula 3 graduate Stefan Muecke. Hope Peter will beat 2002 brand-new Mercedes (and of course, all other drivers) by updated 2001 car.

Happy New Year 2002!!
At first, in November 2001, Peter had already "almost" decided to drive in Mercedes DTM squad in 2002 but ex-Formula 1 driver Jean Alesi joined Merc, so it get ready to rumble... 3rd overall Peter Dumbreck or 4th Marcel Fessler should leave AMG because AMG only make 4 new cars. I do hope they will make 5 cars and Brit Vodafone push Brit Peter!!
And, the top of December, there is a motor show at Essen. German girl Susanne Rossbach visited there and sent me some pictures of Peter. Thanks Susanne!! These are the pics.

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