DTM, Round 1, Hockenheim - Race Result
Sexy Schneider takes shaggadelic victory!
Race 1
1, Bernd Schneider (Mercedes), 40m54.208s
2, Marcel Faessler (Mercedes), -20.955s
3, Manuel Reuter (Opel), -26.643s
4, Timo Scheider (Opel), -28.771s
5, Peter Dumbreck (Mercedes), -33.146s
6, Marcel Tiemann (Mercedes), -34.045s
7, Thomas Jaeger (Mercedes), -34.813s
8, Michael Bartels (Opel), -46.691s
9, Klaus Ludwig (Mercedes), -48.095s
10, Joachim Winkelhock (Opel), -50.712s
11, Pedro Lamy (Mercedes), -51.941s
12, Darren Turner (Mercedes) , -52.430s
13, Stefano Modena (Opel), -1 lap
14, Cristian Menzel (Opel), -1 lap
15, Laurent Aiello (Audi), -1 lap
16, Kris Nissen (Audi), -2 laps
R, Uwe Alzen (Opel), 11 laps
R, Cristian Abt (Audi), - 20 laps
R, Eric Helary (Opel), -35 laps

Race 2
1, Bernd Schneider (Mercedes), 40m17.919s
2, Marcel Faessler (Mercedes), -13.571s
3, Michael Bartels (Opel), -20.871s
4, Timo Scheider (Opel), -22.368s
5, Peter Dumbreck (Mercedes), -24.172s
6, Joachim Winkelhock (Opel), -28.401s
7, Eric Helary (Opel), -29.473s
8, Darren Turner (Mercedes) , -34.341s
9, Klaus Ludwig (Mercedes), -34.940s
10, Stefano Modena (Opel) , -36.738s
11, Cristian Menzel (Opel) , -48.981s
12, Marcel Tiemann (Mercedes), -59.330s
13, Manuel Reuter (Opel), -1m01.970s
14, Thomas Jaeger (Mercedes), - 1 lap
15, Pedro Lamy (Mercedes), -14 laps
16, Christian Abt (Audi) , -14 laps
17, Kris Nissen (Audi) , -28 laps
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Finally DTM series has come!
Pole is went for experienced HWA Mercedes driver Bernd Schneider.

DTM, Round 1, Hockenheim - Saturday morning practise session time
1, Bernd Schneider (Mercedes), 1m02.130s
2, Marcel Faessler (Mercedes), 1m 02.300s
3, Manuel Reuter (Opel) , 1m 02.613s
4, Uwe Alzen (Opel), 1m 02.901s
5, Thomas Jaeger (Mercedes), 1m 02.920s
6, Joachim Winkelhock (Opel), 1m 03.102s
7, Michael Bartels (Opel), 1m 03.111s
8, Timo Schneider (Opel), 1m 03.399s
9, Peter Dumbreck (Mercedes), 1m 03.473s
10, Cristian Menzel (Opel), 1m 03.881s
11, Christian Abt (Audi), 1m 05.085s
12, Stefano Modena (Opel), 1m 05.240s
13, Marcel Tiemann (Mercedes), 1m 05.275s
14, Laurent Aiello (Audi), 1m 05.572s
15, Darren Turner (Mercedes), 1m 07.769s
16, Pedro Lamy (Mercedes), 1m 10.152s
17, Klaus Ludwig (Mercedes), 1m 13.369s
18, Eric Helary (Opel), 1m 13.658s
19, Kris Nissen (Audi), 1m 15.903s

DTM, Round 1, Hockenheim - Saturday qualifying time
1, Bernd Schneider (Mercedes), 1m01.679s
2, Manuel Reuter (Opel) , 1m 01.773s
3, Timo Scheider (Opel), 1m 01.773s
4, Marcel Faessler (Mercedes), 1m 01.855s
5, Uwe Alzen (Opel), 1m 01.905s
6, Michael Bartels (Opel), 1m 01.924s
7, Thomas Jaeger (Mercedes), 1m 02.098s
8, Peter Dumbreck (Mercedes), 1m 02.115s
9, Joachim Winkelhock (Opel), 1m 02.135ss
10, Eric Helary (Opel), 1m 02.276s
11, Darren Turner (Mercedes), 1m 02.518s
12, Cristian Menzel (Opel), 1m 02.521s
13, Marcel Tiemann (Mercedes), 1m 02.539s
14, Pedro Lamy (Mercedes), 1m 02.596s
15, Klaus Ludwig (Mercedes), 1m 02.648s
16, Stefano Modena (Opel), 1m 03.358s
17, Christian Abt (Audi), 1m 04.155s
18, Laurent Aiello (Audi), 1m 04.263s
19, Kris Nissen (Audi), 1m 05.467s
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Peter didn't find a problem in testing at Hockenheim and his impression of the car is "very different from the Formula Nippon".
"It's a lot more big and heavy so if it starts to slide in the corners then it just continues to slide. The racing will be very close as all the cars are very similar. The first race will probably see all the cars on the grid only 1 second apart."

It's Peter's second testing days at Hockenheim, Germany from 2 to 4 May. Opel driver Joachim Winkelhock is the fastest who drives Opel Astra.

Pre-season DTM test, Hockenheim, May 2,3,4

1, Jo Winkelhock, Opel, 1m01.513s
2, Pedro Lamy, Mercedes, 1m01.594s
3, Darren Turner, Mercedes, 1m01.690s
4, Manuel Reuter, Opel, 1m01.732s
5, Bernd Schneider, Mercedes, 1m01.736s
6, Michael Bartels, Opel, 1m01.769s
7, Uwe Alzen, Opel 1m01.854s
8, Peter Dumbreck, Mercedes, 1m01.904s
9, Klaus Ludwig, Mercedes, 1m02.015s

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