Peter is the youngest of five and started driving go-karts on holiday in Spain one year, aged 8. He could not race until he was 12 but did quite well. He stopped racing because it became too expensive, then he had a birthday present of a day out at Knockhill circuit where he did so well that he went to Donnington with the Jim Russell school, graduating top of the class.
He drove his first championship race in Formula First in the winter of 1993 then joined Team JLR in 1994. His predecessor was Ralph Firman who had won the Formula Vauxhall Jnr championship in '93 and Peter won 8 races and the title in 1994. He was 5th in the next class in 1995 then joined Paul Stewart Racing in 1996 where he won 10 races and the F. Vauxhall championship. He stayed with them in 1997 to support Johny Kane in F3. Johny won, Peter was 3rd but then he was dropped for 1998 just before he went to Macau.
He attracted TOMs while he was there, even though he didn't finish, and I expect that you know all about last year.
This year he is with Team Leyjun in F. Nippon and will drive for Mercedes at Le Mans in June. The whole family shall try to go for that.

Photo by Jin Saburi, just before the start of FNippon round 4, Fuji

Kindly sent this writing from Peter's mother, Mrs. Margaret Dumbreck

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